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Given its unique spatial and economic settings combined with the steep growth of demand, land and property has become the most valued commodity in Maldives. And with high value comes competition which, in turn and more often than not, gives rise to disputes. This context hasn’t much changed despite efforts made to increase land through land reclamation and annexures.

With the introduction of modern property ownership models such as strata properties, legal matters have grown in complexity. With more semi-luxury to luxury properties coming into the market through a number of large-scale real-estate projects, both government and private-funded, there has been an increased the need for lawyers that understand and is capable to deal with land and property.

How we help clients

At Atoll Chambers, we help clients in dealing with a wide range of legal matters related to land and property. These include advising and providing support in the lease, sale, transfer, allotment and sub-division of land and property. Additionally, our lawyers are experienced and well versed in dealing with land and property related disputes, conflict management and litigation and to help protect your interests.




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