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Maldives is a prime tourist destination with a flourishing tourism industry that has, over the span of years, attracted a lot of foreign investment. While traditionally considered as a high-end tourist destination that offered wealthy tourists to experience the ‘one-island-one-resort’, recent developments in both policy and law has transformed the Maldivian tourism industry to accommodate a wide and diverse range of travelers.

With the Government relaxing previous limitations on foreign investment in low to medium scale tourism ventures such as local guesthouses and boutiques, the Maldivian tourism industry now has opportunities for a wider pool of investors.

How we help clients

As part of our broader Foreign Investment portfolio, we at Atoll Chambers help prospective investors in the Maldives tourism sector by assisting in the acquisition, registration of tourism related investments and provide legal support and assistance in the running of business operations. We also advise on sale and purchase of tourist properties of varying scale and size as well as in resolving conflicts and disputes that occur in the process.




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