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Maldives is hugely reliant on foreign imports which covers from basic food stable, fuel, everyday goods and commodities to construction materials. This consistent demand sets the context of trade and shipping laws of the Maldives. From a global shipping context, though, Maldives is seen as a small feeder market of the Colombo Hub Port. As such, no major operations are of major shipping lines takes place in the Maldives, but rather have their local cargo agents to deal with domestic shipping needs.

Procedures and the general rules relating to foreign imports and exports are dealt under the Customs Act as well as Maldives Export Import Act and the regulations made under the Acts. The Maldives Customs Service, a statutory authority established under the Customs Act, is the principal enforcement and regulatory authority.

How we help clients

At Atoll Chambers, we help clients deal with regulatory authorities, including the Maldives Customs Service, in respect to disputes related to matters which include import and exports, tariffs and cargo clearance amongst others.




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